27 August, 2014


I don't feel it at all.

You know, birthdays are all about celebrations, it's all about appreciation like Thank God you're here, on this Earth. Despite my friends wishing me and all that. I am thankful for all of you. And I appreciate the moments I have with all of you very much.

But you know I want to hear words from my parents that as much as I weigh them as important as my friends, they don't weigh me as important as how I weigh people of their existence. I do, I really do place emphasis on important events and those moments are those that I really want to be in it, to feel what it is like to be loved, appreciated and be celebrated of.

And you know what are the words my father tell me the whole night?

You must go to the gym during your holidays.

I mean like dad, come on man, telling me unimportant stuffs on days like this when all I want is to be appreciated of my hard work, the sacrifice and even the fake smiles I put for, for all of you. I've got no words to say. I really don't. I just don't know what is appreciation on birthdays anymore. It's like one insignificant event, and just like everyday, this is just like everyday.

Here's the thing, I won't give credits to you all. Because knowing all these years ever since I've woken up to really study and strive hard, nobody, except my friends, has given me words of encouragement, nothing at all. So, no, I will not give any credits to you all. Because success is earned, guidance is followed, but efforts are all self sacrificed. So, no thank you to all of you.

21 August, 2014

What does it take be great?

I often ask myself this.

What does it take to be a surgeon?
What does it take to be a doctor?
But that's not just it.
If someone were to hand their lives over to me, they have to trust me,
So what makes me qualified to be a surgeon?
What gives me the right to make decisions on someone else's life?
What makes me think or feel that I can do it, can save a life, or can assure them that they are in good hands?

If I'm no good, I can't be a surgeon.
If I'm just an inch worst than any other great surgeons in the world, then I can't be a surgeon.
If every time I operate and they live by chance, then I can't be a surgeon. 
And if feeling demotivated and depressed and pressured every time, then I can't be a surgeon.

Because every surgery means I am acting God, and I decide if you live.
So yes, I am making the decision for you, for your life.
So if you were to hand your life to me, I have to be damn good at my job.

So I'm praying.
I'm praying.
I'm praying.
That I am that good.
That I can be a great surgeon, with time, but not, and never by chance.

Regardless of what the future has set.
I need to be damn good right now. 
Because that's what it takes to be damn good in the future.
If everything right now, so related to medicine, and I am not damn good, then how to be good later?
So I have to be damn good.

What does it take to be great?

I need to be great.
I need to be great.
As God is great.
As God decides who live and dies.
But when a surgeon operates, he decides who lives and dies.
By God's Grace, if He allows, the surgeon is acting God. 
Because the surgeon is holding a scalpel,
He can either murder you or let you live for decades to come.

09 May, 2014


It gets really tiring to hear things from people saying we shouldn't interfier in this, in that, in religion or politics. But has everyone forgotten that without the Chinese or Indian, the Sabahan and the Sarawakian, Malaysia will never be formed? Has everyone forgotten that. So ridiculious to be judged in a sense that Islam and the Malays should be the superior. The other races who were born here are now suddenly called immigrants? We are not suddenly sabotaging your place and position in this country that we've build together for the past decades? The tax we pay are suddenly now not worth our place and position because your superiority is so important that our race should be eliminated? To ISMA, please we have lived here for the past few centuries. The people born here now are automatically Malaysian, nothing else. You want your special rights, TAKE IT. Nobody's going to stop you, nobody's going to question you because well you can tell people you're arrogant and that's how you want it, but nobody is going to stop you. So let's talk about the war you are going to kindle.

Before that, don't call this Malaysia. Call this country Malay. Just Malay. It's obvious enough that ISMA is truly the one that isn't willing to recognise our place and position in this country for we have been born here as Malaysian, not Chinese or Indian, etc. According to the principle of fairness, we live as one and we live in equality. Your so call fairness only applies to your naive statement so shut up and look up the dictionary.You want your special rights, take it. You want your religion to be the almighty. Yeah say that, nobody's going to care about what so ever. Nobody's fighting for the sake of who's religion's first, who's race is superior, what are we? In the 18th century? This is so pathetic and naive fighting for who's religion or race should be superior. Think about developed country. Do they fight for this? NO. They fight for what's right for the country, through considerations from every perspective. So stop dragging religion and your racial superiority into the context of a developed nation.